Classic & Timeless

black coconut

Rich coconut, star anise, cedarwood and island blossoms

Cubans & Cognac

The smell of money, status and masculinity are wrapped into this blend of aromatic bergamot with fresh lemon zest spritzing a heart of velvety cognac essences and rich, spiced tobacco leaves

Caribbean teakwood

Masculine, bold, and complex, ginger, peppercorn, spice, tobacco leaf and aged teakwood

egyptian amber

A complex herbal blend infused with six essential oils; orange, lavandin, copaiba, balsam, lemon and grapefruit oils. Egyptian Amber has a rich base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood well balanced by lively top notes of jasmine, lavender and orange


A rich combination of olibanum, myrrh, patchouli, herbaceous woodsy pine, sheer musk, vanilla, and floral lilac notes